From small acorns mighty oaks grow

Branching Out is a registered charity (charity number 1047403) and a Limited Company (company no. 3068661) in England & Wales.

Branching Out was formed by an initial working committee whose primary concern was to identify a project that could provide work experience training for vulnerable adults as an alternative to the standard provision at that time. By 1994 that project started to take shape and after much searching we found our Head Office at Grange Lane in Littleport where we started to provide work experience to our first group of clients with learning disabilities. Many of those clients still attend Branching Out for support to this day through their own choice.

Branching Out value and support vulnerable adults with learning disabilities in East Cambridgeshire.  The people we support are given a choice of the types of work experience they would like to do and are regularly consulted to see if they would like any changes.  We encourage the people we support to feel safe and build friendships with respect for each other and the wider community of Branching out.

Over the years this has developed and we currently offer a programme of varied activities for adults with learning disabilities and the community.

Branching Out recognized that people living in rural communities face barriers in their everyday lives due to lack of transport. We have always provided transport to and from Branching Out and for access to our various activities.

In 2003 we opened our first charity shop in Littleport.

In 2007 we built a new building at our Head Office to provide a kitchen and dining area, a utility room, and more toilets. We also opened our charity shop in Chatteris.

In 2014 we celebrated our 20th anniversary since we became a registered charity.