How to leave money to Branching Out in your Will

If you are happy to leave a gift in your will to Branching Out then we can’t thank you enough.

Having a will gives you the choice of what happens to your money, property and possessions after your death.  It gives you the opportunity to make sure your family, friends and a charity that is important to you receive what you want them to.

We know you will want to look after your friends and family first, and afterwards you may also wish to support Branching Out to help the charity to be here helping people at risk for as long as possible.

There are various ways you can include Branching Out in your will for example:

  • A Cash Gift is a set amount of money
  • A Residuary Gift is a way of donating after providing for your family and friends where you can give all remaining money or a percentage.
  • A Gift in Kind is an item (shares, property, jewellery).
  • When setting up a trust for someone important you may want the remaining money left in the trust to be given to Branching Out.

If you do leave anything to Branching Out in your will you will need our charity number which  is 1047403

If you need more information please ring 01353 863221.

Thank you for considering such a worthwhile cause.