Transforming Lives

Transforming Lives

On 1 March 2016, Cambridgeshire County Council Adults Committee voted through a number of changes to the adult social care system in Cambridgeshire designed to move the system from one that reacts when people need acute help, to one that supports more people to remain healthy and independent and make best use of the Council’s scarce resources.

This decision followed a 30 day period of consultation, which ran between January and February 2016, and a process of ongoing engagement with service users, carers, advocates and voluntary organisations about the design of new adult social care services in the county.

The council state: The traditional role of adult social care is changing. In the past, adult social services centred around assessing people’s care needs and providing services to meet those needs. However there is increasing recognition that adult social care must do more to support people before they need care. In an era where our population is ageing, investing in prevention is key to helping more people to stay healthy and live independently for longer – and it means scarce resources can be used more effectively to target those people who need them most.

Transforming Lives is based on a 3 tier system:

  • ·         On-going support for those who need it
  • ·         Help when you need it
  • ·         Help to help yourself


A new adult early help service has gone live from 11th April where people will be sign posted to the appropriate help quickly.


We have designed Branching Out’s response to Transforming Lives which has been made available to the public on our website.  Please use the following link to read it