Activities you can enjoy at Branching Out

Seasons Project

We have a market garden where you can work with a great team of friendly staff, and people with learning disabilities to develop a multi sensory approach to growing your own fruit, vegetables and plants for selling in our charity shops, eating in our Cooking Group or taking home to share with your friends and family.

Cooking Group

In our 5 star rated kitchen you can learn to make balanced meals to support you in independent living and learn about health and safety in your own kitchen and in a catering kitchen. We provide achievement and development for all with a hands on practical approach.

Retail Product Development

We promote empowerment and self-confidence through being creative and practical with hands on tasks. We make a huge variety of home décor and craft products that are sold to help raise funds for the charity.

Advance Project

For those who need extra support to access community based activities, individual support on a one to one basis,can be provided. All Branching Out Support Workers are highly trained in providing 1:1 support for people with complex or high support needs and sensory impairment. We work proactively, to provide an easy transition and multi agency approach.

For further information or to request to look around our services please email dayservicemanager@branchingoutuk.com or: 01353 863221.